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I do think that it is worth attending conferences and other events if you can. The value does not come just from listening to speakers. I really enjoy the networking, and the opportunities to develop new ideas through discussion with the experts that come along to share at these events.

But I also understand that not everyone can get to every event, so I was delighted to discover that the last couple of ITSM events where I presented recorded the speakers’ presentations and made them available online after the event. I think this is a great way to share valuable content beyond the small number of people that can afford the time and money needed to get to any given event in person.

itSMF New Zealand

It was a very long trip from London to New Zealand, for the itSMF New Zealand conference in June 2017. I wrote about this event in a previous blog, so I won’t say much more about it here, but both my sessions were recorded, and you can now see the videos.

This presentation shows how the guiding principles of ITIL Practitioner can support the three ways of DevOps (flow, feedback, experimentation & learning). I have also written about this in a blog, but the link above will take you to the video of me talking about it.

Karen Ferris was originally going to deliver this presentation. Sadly, she was unable to get to the conference, so Lou Hunnebeck and I delivered it on her behalf. After you've watched the video you might like to read some of my blogs about ITIL Practitioner. There are lots of them, but they should be easy to find if you search my list of blogs for the word “practitioner”.


This was the annual conference of the Service Support Group of the UK Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA). They used the same technology to support this event as many educational institutions use to record lectures. This provided live streaming of every presentation, with the recorded videos being made available very rapidly.  This in itself was an educational experience for me.

I particularly enjoyed listening to other speakers at this event, as they were covering topics that I hadn’t previously considered. I learned a lot about the ways in which digital technology is changing education.

The theme of the conference was “It’s not about technology, it’s about people...”  For this event I delivered a presentation called Unhappy is the land that needs a hero (registration required). I talked about the problems we create when we set up IT that is so fragile it constantly needs a hero to step in and save the day. It’s not the hero’s fault, they are doing the best they can to offer support in trying circumstances. But it would be much better to create circumstances that are not quite so trying. This is another topic where I have also written a blog, so you can read about it if you prefer reading to watching videos.


I have often written about the need to offer access to knowledge and information in a variety of different formats, since people differ in their preferences. I personally much prefer to read articles, as I can absorb things faster that way, but other people find video or audio recordings more useful.

So, I’m grateful to the people running these events for making this content available for sharing. Thank you for providing the opportunity for content to reach a wider audience; and thank you for offering a choice to those of us who would prefer to watch and listen rather than read blogs or transcripts.

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